online retreat

divine sexual essence as devotional prayer


Online retreat

3 hrs  |  $22

This is a 3 hour online retreat where Juliet welcomes women who hear the call to awakening their divine sexual essence together as a devotional prayer to the world and a blessing to all beings. She shares transmission, guided practices and engagements with the circle of women.


Return your Feminine Sexual Essence home into your Divinity 

Awaken your heart and womb as holy gateway to divinity embodied

Become an embodied prayer of devotional love

Your sexual essence as an offering of love making in the world 




Loving your sacred body

Your temple

Awakening your sexual essence into your heart

Your feminine essence spirals into droplets of grace

Blissful undulations of pleasure guiding you home into her 

A journey inwards

Into the mystery

Your feminine essence

As pure life

Your wisdom

Your healing nourishment

Your deep loving

Rest into your divinity

Come home to who we truly are

Women supporting each other

Into radiant love and fullness

A blessing to the world


This retreat forms part of Juliet’s greater body of work in the form of a 13 Month Transformational Journey. To read more about this deepened journey click here.