online retreat

surrendering into divine temple of earth body


Online retreat

3 hrs  |  $22

This is a 3 hour online retreat recorded in November 2020 for women where Juliet invites a deep surrender into the birth canal of Great Mother through our hearts and wombs, with the masculine in devotion to Her. She shares transmission, guided practices and engagements with the circle of women.


An invitation to women to embody the depths of the feminine surrendering our bodies into the earth body, relaxing into Her great heart and womb, deepening into listening to her pulsating undulating wisdom guiding us during these times. Honoring our bodies as divine gateways to ancient Feminine Wisdom streams of Great Mother and Divine Feminine available to all women. 


This retreat forms part of Juliet’s greater body of work in the form of a 13 Month Transformational Journey. To read more about this deepened journey click HERE.