online workshop

transformational path through sexuality, love & intimate relating


Online workshop

3 hrs  |  $22

This is a 3 hour online workshop recorded in April 2021 for singles and couples where Juliet invites the field of intimacy through the inner and outer union, shares transmission, guided practice and engagements with the group about relationship with self, other and all of life.


Relating, Love and Sexuality as a Path for Transformation is a journey guiding people through the union of the masculine and feminine essences through the head, heart and belly.


This is the artful embodiment of present love with self, others and the world as a foundation for cherishing being in intimate relating with self, other and all of Life as a gift for transformation, becoming whole and embodying soul.


The practices support connecting with consciousness, love and sexual essence to invite the depths of the masculine and feminine to love and transform through the layers of hardened protection and patterns that arise in the intimate relating with ‘self’, ‘other' and the world.


This workshop forms part of Juliet’s greater body of work in the form of a 13 Month Transformational Journey. To read more about this deepened journey click here.